Then he said to his disciples, 

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few"

Matthew 9:37

Celebrate Recovery

A journey to freedom out of all kinds of hurts, habits, and hang-ups with Jesus Christ The feeling of being HURT is an emotional reaction to another person’s behavior or to a disturbing situation (abuse, abandonment, codependency, divorce, rejection, relationship issues, etc).

A HABIT is an addiction to someone or some thing (alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, codependency, pornography, shopping, smoking, etc).

HANG-UPS are negative mental attitudes that are used to cope with people or adversity (anger, depression, fear, shame, unforgiveness, deep grief that has no comfort, etc).


Healing is available through Jesus Christ alone. Christian (Biblical) principles work best under the lordship of Christ. Accepting His Lordship, and applying his teachings is the key and foundation of all 8 Principles and 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery. He is not a higher power, He is all power. Through Him we are saved from the penalty of sin, the power of sin, and one day from the presence of sin.

CR meets every Tuesday at Woodland Hills Church

5:30 PM Supper

6:30 PM Worship

7:30 PM Small Groups

Do you feel overwhelmed by your Hurts, Habits and Hang-ups?

Are you looking for real hope and meaning in your life?

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Men's Prison Ministry

Woodland Hills Church currently provides a ministry at two local prisons. We lead the services at Craggy Correctional Center, a medium security facility, each Friday in October and in April. The men love to sing and worship through song. Our Bible study leaders are usually not preachers but laymen giving their testimonies and leading a Bible study. (Guys talking to guys about Jesus). 

In addition to our nine or so services at craggy Medium Prison, we also lead the Sunday morning service at the minimum security prison about four times per year. Craggy Minimum is just up the hill from Craggy Medium and houses over one hundred men. The medium security facility houses over four hundred. 

Our goal is to bring the men, hope, encouragement, and most of all, The Word.

In addition to the prison, we also lead a Bible study at Madison County jail each Wednesday. The turnover at the jail is high but our goal is still the same. 

I was in prison and you visited me.

Matthew 25:36c...(NLT)

Women's Prison Ministry

WHC Women's Prison Ministries consists of a group of women volunteers going once a week to Madison County Jail to worship with music and teach a Bible study. Another group goes once a month to the Swannanoa Correctional Center to worship with music and share a Bible lesson. This is a very rewarding ministry as the ladies are the hands and feet of Jesus.